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Coach’s Corner

1229963_521775654583334_985945365_nThe FishHawk Wolves are looking for top level coaches to manage our elite teams at each age division.  The FishHawk Wolves have become widely recognized as a travel baseball program known for its instruction and development of players. 
 We place each applicant through a very rigorous evaluation process to ensure we find the right Manager to represent our program.





As an organization we feel that:

  • Building a good program starts from the top.  Without a strong manager we will not be able to have success within each age division.
  • We expect ALL coaches in the Wolves program to behave in a professional manner at all times.
  • Just as we try out our players each season, our coaches go through the evaluation process each season as well.  We want the best qualified coaches in a position to continue helping our kids to grow on and off the field


What is the time commitment?

As a Manager you can expect to spend about 15-20 hours per week managing your team.  Obviously some of those responsibilities can be shared with your coaching staff and parents.  Here is what an average week looks like for a FishHawk Wolves Manager:

  • 2 hours per week on Administrative tasks which include team emails, researching tournaments to play in and developing practice plans.
  • 5-7 hours per week for practices.  Currently the FishHawk Wolves have field practice on Wednesday nights, Batting Cages and Bullpens on Friday nights and field practices on Sundays.
  • 8-10 hours per week for tournaments.  As a Manager you will decide when your team plays tournaments.  While you will not play tournaments every weekend when you do have tournaments you can expect 3-5 games per weekend.


What resources do the Wolves provide their Managers and Coaches?

  • Our program has coaching clinics that help promote the same fundamentals from the 8u level all the way thru the 14U level.  We ensure our managers and coaches are equipped to reinforce the proper fundamentals.
  • Our Director of Travel Baseball, Jim Osting, is available to mentor our coaches along the way.  Jim frequently attends practices, works with coaches off the field and helps evaluate/provide feedback to each coaching staff.
  • The FishHawk Wolves have partnered with Ostinger’s Baseball Academy so that your players will receive semi-private lessons throughout the season with the professional instructors at Ostinger’s Baseball Academy.  Through these sessions the Manager can sit back and watch the instructors work with the players to reinforce the proper fundamentals.

How do I obtain my ID Badge?

All coach’s and volunteers must have a Hillsborough County ID Badge on at all times.

  1. Complete your background check HERE

  2. Complete or make sure your NAYS Certification is up to date

  3. Complete the Heads Up Concussion Testing and print your certificate

  4. Managers must complete CPR testing Here

  5. Complete your application, upload a photo, NAYS Certification, Concussion Testing and Managers include your CPR/AED Certification HERE

After the badge is processed it will be delivered to a Board Member who will in return distribute the badges.

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